2503, 2017

Cabernet Over Chemo: 4 Physicians, 4 Lessons

by Matt Perry in California Health Report, 3/21/17

“It happened because I asked the community what they needed,” said Fratkin. “I turned my attention away from big systems and health plans and turned it towards neighbors and the people I cared for.”

Read the rest of Perry’s article about palliative care physicians at the annual Coalition for Compassionate Care of California conference in Sacramento in California Health Report.

2103, 2017

Community-Based Palliative Care–California leading the way

by Sue Montgomery, RN, BSN, CHPN at workingnurse.com, 3/21/17

“One of those leaders is Michael Fratkin, M.D., president and founder of ResolutionCare, a community-based palliative care provider and educator in Northern California. Fratkin is a pioneer, both in California and across the nation, in making the most of technology to shift the center of care and support to patients in their own homes, no matter where they may be. Fratkin says that although the healthcare industry has recently had increased calls for person-centered care, the palliative care community has long embraced that model. ‘It’s the way we approach caring holistically for […]

1403, 2017

Dr. Fratkin is an Enabler

by Kathy Kastner in the End of Life Blog at best endings, 3/13/17

“Most of my healing has little to do with medicine.”

“My approach has more to do with being there, listening and helping people with a different approach.”

Fratkin, entrepreneur creator of Resolution Care,  is a Palliative doctor whose conversations enable people to see things differently.

Read the rest of Kathy’s interview with Michael in the End of Life Blog at best endings.

912, 2016

Welcome to the Future: Telemedicine and Value-Based Payment

by Michael D. Fratkin, MD, and Stephen G. Franey, MBA at AJMC.com, December 9, 2016

“What we’re doing, as palliative care specialists at ResolutionCare, is what we call Telemedicine 3.0. In some ways, version 3.0 represents the evolution of the technology so that it can disappear— and thus allow for the return of the deep relational work that’s always been at the heart of caring. We’re using these technologies to reach people with ease via technology they already have at their fingertips (or that we provide) to reach them in their homes, to unburden them from travel and transport, and to […]

2911, 2016

Emergence of the corporate palliative care sector

by Larry Beresford in The Lancet Blog, November 29, 2016

In his article, Beresford calls ResolutionCare “An Upstart Startup Outsider in Corporate Palliative Care.” Read the entire piece at The Lancet Blog.

2211, 2016

Dr. Michael Fratkin is a “Healthcare Entrepreneur to Know”

Dr. Fratkin was mentioned in Becker’s Hospital Review’s list of “137 Healthcare Entrepreneurs to Know”

“Michael Fratkin, MD, is the founder and president of ResolutionCare, the first crowdfunded healthcare start-up B-corporation delivering hands-on and telemedicine palliative care in rural North California.”

See the whole list at Becker’s Hospital Review.

1810, 2016

Mind the Gap

by Michael Fratkin at emmisolutions.com. October 18, 2016

“The practice of medicine is a dance that occurs in the gap between what we know and what we don’t know. The practice of palliative care, my specialty, is uniquely positioned to serve people of all backgrounds and circumstances as they navigate their paths in the face of serious and progressive illnesses of all sorts. The consensus definition is straightforward:

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis. The goal is to improve quality of […]

209, 2016

What Happens When It’s You?

by Michael Fratkin at Pallimed.org. July 30, 2016

“Many of us are now facing the tragedy of our aging parents as Palliative Care professionals. Do we really need any further experience with the failings of our healthcare system and the failings of our social structures to provide even the most basic needs for our elders?”

Read the rest of Michael’s commentary on the Pallimed blog.

2608, 2016

TOTALLY Awesome Progress in Palliative Care at ResolutionCare

Interview with Joe Lavelle at intrepidNOW, August 26, 2016

“Dr. Fratkin re-joined us to update us on how his practice has incorporated telemedicine to deliver better and more accessible palliative care.  We are so excited to share their TOTALLY Awesome Progress in Palliative Care at ResolutionCare!”

Listen here or at intrepidNow.

108, 2016

Using Technology to Support Palliative Care

Interview on Bottom Line Radio, July 27, 2016

On this episode of Bottom Line Radio:
Geri Lynn Baumblatt, Executive Director of Patient Engagement at Emmi, interviews Torrie Fields, Senior Program Manager of Palliative Care at Blue Shield of California and Dr. Michael Fratkin, President and Founder of Resolution Care.

Together they discuss pain points in the palliative care space and how technology can support palliative care conversations by creating comfortable environments for people to consider their healthcare preferences.

Listen to the podcast here or at Bottom Line Blog & Radio.

107, 2016

Cool Science Radio

Interview on Cool Science Radio with Lynn Ware Peek and Tim Henney 6/30/16

“Lynn Ware Peek and guest co-host Tim Henney speak about a growing medical industry, palliative care, known as end-of-life care. Mr. Michael Fratkin specializes in this type of medical care at Resolution Care in Arcata, California. www.resolutioncare.com.”

Listen to the entire interview, encompassing the growing attention to end-of-life issues in our society and the role of palliative care, at Cool Science Radio.

606, 2016

First Person: Michael Fratkin, Resolution Care, on Systems and Human Relationships (Video Interview)

by Jim Rosenberg on OpenIDEO

“Michael Fratkin is the founder of Resolution Care, a palliative care group that has helped over 1100 people at the end of life. Michael has been a doctor for over 28 years and started Resolution Care to ’empower patients, to the end.’ He’s a very open, honest speaker who allows his full self to come out in his work and his conversation.”

Watch the rest of the video clips of Jim Rosenberg’s interview with Michael at OpenIDEO


2405, 2016

Palliative Care Conference Challenges with a Call to Action

When the CSU Institute for Palliative Care at Cal State San Marcos teamed with the San Diego Chapter of the Coalition for Compassionate Care, the groups launched a much-needed plan to host a conference on all things palliative for San Diego-area health professionals. As a result, a one-day conference, the first in a prospective series of similar events, is being held on the Cal State San Marcos campus on Friday, June 10, 2016. …

Michael Fratkin, M.D., founder of ResolutionCare in California, will be the final general session presenter. Dr. Fratkin, a true visionary and a featured TEDx Talk presenter, will […]

505, 2016

Michael Fratkin, Founder of ResolutionCare

from Doctor/Preneurs 5/4/16

How did the idea for ResolutionCare come about?

The idea was borne out of frustration with the unworkable nature of the US healthcare system, with its questionable economic incentives. The fee for service economics pushed me in the corner. I explored videoconferencing through Google Helpouts  and discovered I could use it to provide a tech-enabled, home-centered palliative care program. Then I discovered a concept called “tele-mentoring” through Project ECHO and realized I could sort of clone myself by sharing what I know where it can make a big difference. …

Read the entire Doctor/Preneurs interview.

1203, 2016

ResolutionCare Proves that Telemedicine Can Thrive in the Unlikeliest of Places – At the End of Life

from TeleMedMag 3/10/16

“Can telemedicine save the soul of palliative care? Dr. Michael Fratkin tells us how virtually delivered palliative care lightens the load of dying patients, increases the effectiveness of pressured providers, and elevates the role of ‘healers’ in the healthcare of the future.”

Read the entire interview at TeleMedMag, Charting Healthcare’s Digital Future.

1602, 2016

Palliative Care Physician-Partner Opening

ResolutionCare seeks the most inspired, qualified and adventurous palliative medicine physician as a partner in our groundbreaking enterprise. It’s a unique opportunity to redefine medicine by joining our team as we restore the tradition of person centered home care through the soulful application of technology.  This incredible transdisciplinary team supports people and families to chart their own path on their own terms in the face of serious illness. It’s a rare opportunity to participate in creating the future of healthcare.

ResolutionCare seeks a Board Certified/Board Eligible Palliative Care physician-partner to extend our clinical capacity, provide mentorship for our growing team, and […]

2101, 2016

ResolutionCare on Good Grief with Cheryl Jones

Listen to Cheryl Jones’ interview with ResolutionCare’s Michael Fratkin, M.D. here or at VoiceAmerica.

“The obstacles to exercising our own choices at the end of our lives sometimes seem impossible to overcome. We are part of a culture that refuses to accept death, a medical system that reflects that culture and a lack of capable help in navigating an unfamiliar territory. When we add geographic impediments, once travel becomes difficult, a rural death can be particularly isolating. Micheal Fratkin, a doctor working in hospice and palliative care, felt compelled to do something about it. ResolutionCare, the organization he founded, integrates video […]

2101, 2016

Telemedicine and the Changing Healthcare Landscape in America

by Michael Fratkin, M.D. at MedTechEvents.

“As a palliative care physician, I’m not really a technology guy. My choices in gizmos reflect this…the intuitive Apple computer, Zoom videoconferencing, athenahealth’s EMR, etc… My view of “meaningful use” is very different than that of the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Read the rest of Michael’s article at http://medtechevents.blogspot.in.

1112, 2015

Telemedicine doc: Value-based payment will restore physicians’ role as part of care teams

by Neil Versel at MedCityNews.

“Doctors need to be the stewards of the relationship,” Fratkin said in a video chat that was not recorded. “Wise guidance is what’s missing.”

Yes, guidance, not authoritarian decision-making. “We will restore the role of the physician,” Fratkin added. “But it will be team-based and what the patient deems appropriate.”

Read the rest of the article at MedCityNews.

1611, 2015

Bringing Capable and Compassionate Palliative Care as Life Approaches Completion

Interview of Michael by the Death Chicks, 11/12/15

Join the Death Chicks for an electrifying conversation with the Founder of ResolutionCare, Dr. Michael Fratkin.

Watch the video here or on YouTube.

1611, 2015

“Niche-ifying” telemedicine with MedHeads on MedCityNews

Telemedicine is going niche on MedHeads 11/13/15

“The MedCity News team was joined by special guest Dr. Michael Fratkin this week on MedHeads to discuss how issues like reimbursement, interconnectivity and “niche-ification” are impacting the current state of telemedicine.”

Watch the segment here or at MedCityNews.

2710, 2015

Telemedicine and the changing healthcare landscape in America

by Michael Fratkin at MedCityNews.

“As a palliative care physician, I’m not really a technology guy. My choices in gizmos reflect this…the intuitive Apple computer, Zoom videoconferencing, athenahealth’s EMR, etc… My view of “meaningful use” is very different than that of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“While they define ‘meaningful’ with a carrot and a stick, I tend to define it in relational terms.

“As somebody who has worked with thousands of patients approaching the end of their lives, I have come to realize that in all of human history, people have never suffered in the approach to dying as they do today. Even without […]

2310, 2015

The Strange Landscape of Living and Dying in the United States

by Michael Fratkin at KevinMD, social media’s leading physician voice.

“The extraordinary pain of many people around you is unaddressed, and the scale of that unmet need would shock you if you saw it. Compartments of privacy separate you from the experience of your neighbors and even your own families. I understand that you have been unaware as well as hopeful that our medical system will either fix the problems or, at least, soothe the pain. It does neither consistently. The grappling of human beings to make sense out of the fact that they die has only been hiding in plain […]

1010, 2015

UPDATE: Gov. Brown Approves Right-to-Die Bill

by Grant Scott-Goforth in the NorthCoast Journal online, October 06, 2015

“Local doctor Michael Fratkin, who began the palliative care program ResolutionCare featured in the Journal here, emailed the following response to the news that Gov. Brown had signed the bill.”

Read the rest of the article at the NorthCoast Journal.

2109, 2015

Dr. Michael Fratkin on Life, Death and Palliative Care

Podcast by Socrates at Singularity Weblog, 9/19/2015

“Whether we like it or not, the current reality is that every day 150,000 people die. And while I have no doubt that one day humanity will defeat death of old age, like anyone else, I am not guaranteed that I will be alive to benefit personally from such a radical development.”

Read the article, listen to the podcast or view the video at the Singularity Weblog.

2608, 2015

Why Haven’t They Been Listening? An Interview with Zubin Damania

Michael’s interview of ZDoggMD at Pallimed.org

“The ground is shifting under our feet as our society seems finally to be looking at the nature of human mortality and the way we care for each other…or don’t…as we complete our lives. Zubin Damania, MD aka ZDoggMD is now part of that conversation since the release of “Ain’t the Way to Die” his first not-so-funny medical parody music video focused on how we so many of us die in the hospital in a not-so-funny way.”

2508, 2015

PBS features Resolution Care palliative telemedicine

by Neil Versel in MedCityNews, August 24, 2015

“Remember back in May when we told you about Dr. Michael Fratkin and his remote palliative care startup, Resolution Care? Word seems to be getting around.

Fratkin and Resolution Care were featured on “PBS NewsHour” last week in a substantial 7-minute ‘Breakthroughs’ segment.”

Read the entire article at MedCityNews.

1908, 2015

Local Doctor’s End-of-Life Telemedicine Project Featured on PBS NewsHour

by Ryan Burns in the Lost Coast Outpost, August 19, 2015

“Last night’s episode of the PBS NewsHour featured a seven-minute segment on the work of Dr. Michael Fratkin, the Humboldt County internist who last year launched a program called ResolutionCare that offers palliative care to people facing terminal illness. Fratkin often confers with his far-flung rural patients in their own homes through videoconferencing.”

Read the entire article at the Lost Coast Outpost.

1908, 2015

ResolutionCare on PBS Newshour

August 18, 2015: “Telemedicine connects rural patients nearing the end of life”

1808, 2015

Why haven’t they been listening?

Pallimed ZDoggMD Interview by Michael Fratkin MD at ResolutionCare

“Why haven’t they been listening?” An Interview with Zubin Damania, MD aka ZDoggMD with Michael Fratkin, MD of ResolutionCare. The ground is shifting under our feet as our society seems finally to be looking at the nature of human mortality and the way we care for each other…or don’t…as we complete our lives. Zubin Damania, MD aka ZDoggMD is now part of that conversation since the release of “Ain’t the Way to Die” his first not-so-funny medical parody music video focused on how we so many of us die in the hospital […]

1408, 2015

Cool Science

John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek of KPCW radio in Park City, Utah interview Michael on their show Cool Science, August 13, 2015. ResolutionCare is featured in the second segment, beginning about the 28:00 minute mark.

“When you take a person who’s seriously ill and import them into the system, they become patients, no one really looks directly at them,” said Michael Fratkin, an internist and founder of ResolutionCare. “When you see people in the home, they’re people.”

308, 2015

Unusual Entrepreneur Interview

by Tito Philips, Jnr. in naijapreneur

“In today’s edition of the Unusual Entrepreneurs Interview, I have on the hot seat a medical Doctor whose passion for palliative care – specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses moved him to embark on the entrepreneur’s journey.

I present to you Dr. Michael D. Fratkin, the founder of ResolutionCare – a community based palliative care startup dedicated to empowering patients, till the very end!”

Read the entire article at naijapreneur.

3007, 2015

Death in America: Dealing with an Uncomfortable Subject

by Michael Fratkin in MedCityNews

“Death is inevitable. How we deal with it, culturally and medically, is a topic that has generated lots of interest of late. There are as many ways of dealing with the end of life (or not dealing with it), as there are people who die. In my practice, I see them all …

And now, the challenges all of us face of the end of life has its own music video. That’s right. A good friend of mine and fellow physician, Zubin Damania, M.D. is the Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, an ambitious urban […]

2207, 2015

‘Visionary’ Pilot Targets Palliative Care

by David Gorn in California Healthline online

“A Medi-Cal managed care pilot program announced last week in Humboldt County will try a team-based, telemedicine-enabled approach to palliative care for patients with serious illnesses.”

Read the entire article, published July 21st, 2015, at California Healthline online.

1507, 2015

ResolutionCare Fund Deploys Project Echo with Partnership HealthPlan of California

Press Release
Powerful learning model acts as a force multiplier; extending the reach of limited hospice and palliative care medicine resources and training “Primary Palliative Care Champions”

EUREKA, CA – JULY 10, 2015 –ResolutionCare FUND, an innovator in providing hospice and palliative care medicine (HPM) services and fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives, working with Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC) announced today that it will deploy a unique learning model called Project ECHO® in a nine-month pilot program to extend the reach of limited specialist hospice and palliative care resources by training primary care teams as “Primary Palliative Care Champions.” […]

1407, 2015

Local Palliative Care Outfit Launches Pilot Program

by Grant Scott-Goforth in the North Coast Journal


“ResolutionCare has launched its education portion, Project ECHO, in a nine-month pilot program, also in conjunction with Partnership HealthPlan of California.

Project ECHO uses a hub and spoke model to “demonopolize the scarce resource of a palliative care team,” according to a press release”

This article update on the partnership between ResolutionCare and Partnership HealthPlan of California was published on July 15, 2015. You can read more at the North Coast Journal online.

1307, 2015

ResolutionCare Announces Launch of Palliative Care Pilot Program with Partnership HealthPlan of California

Press Release
Hospice and palliative medicine innovator expands access to services for Partnership HealthPlan of California members

EUREKA, CA – JULY 13, 2015 –ResolutionCare, an innovator in providing hospice and palliative care medicine (HPM) services today announced the launch of a pilot program to provide access to comprehensive home-based palliative care for members of Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC). PHC is a non-profit, community based health care organization that contracts with the State to administer Medi-Cal benefits through local care providers to ensure Medi-Cal recipients have access to high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare. The organization has more than 530,000 […]

1007, 2015

Innovative Use of Technology for Palliative Care

by Karen Ayers in Oncology Nursing News

“With concern, you have just sent your patient home from the oncology clinic where you work. She’s just heard the results of her latest imaging studies and learned that her cancer has progressed, despite the efforts with first-line agents. You’ve seen her lose weight, slow down, and have trouble thinking and remembering things. You’re not sure how much support she has at home. You know that she’s been scheduled to start the second-line treatment soon. This is really taking a toll on her. ”

Read the rest of Karen Ayers’ article at Oncology Nursing News.

306, 2015

Dr. Fratkin Discusses ResolutionCare’s Use of Telemedicine with Joe Lavelle of IntrepidNOW

2705, 2015

Change is Good, but Let’s Remember: Innovation Follows Inspiration, Not Technology

by Michael Fratkin in MedCityNews

“I’m not really a technology guy. My choices in gizmos reflect this… the intuitive Apple computer, Zoom videoconferencing, athenahealth’s EMR, etc… My view of “meaningful use” is very different that that of the Department of Health and Human Services. While they define “meaningful” with a carrot and a stick, I tend to define in relational terms. To me, the amazing technology at our fingertips is only as valuable as its ability to serve and support our relationship to each other and to our collective wellbeing. And most importantly, to the patients we serve.”

Read Michael’s entire commentary at […]

2505, 2015

The Art of Living and Dying: A Workshop with Dr. Fratkin

“Our goal in this workshop is to move people towards a greater acceptance of death. In order to do that we must accept life. To live more fully and be more present. People often don’t talk about death because they fear it. The fear of death is rooted in the fact that people fail to observe the death process. We can start to overcome that fear by doing exactly what we have done today. Talking openly and honeslty about it. We can take it further by serving others in the dying process.”


2005, 2015

ResolutionCare, Virtual Photo Walks and Zoom Announce Partnership

ResolutionCare would like to introduce this community to a new friend and partner, John Butterill. A professional photographer living in rural Ontario, John simply attached one tool (his camera) to another (his smartphone) and discovered an amazing opportunity to provide freedom to the isolated, the disabled, and the shut in.

Read the Press Release.

Visit the Virtual Photo Walks website to learn more about John’s innovative project.

1205, 2015

An Interview with Dr. Fratkin on The Journey Podcast

An interview with Michael on The Journey Podcast, produced by Quality of Life Care, LLC, the world’s first podcast devoted to palliative care.

105, 2015

“Empowering Patients, to the End” HealthLeaders Magazine Interview with Dr. Fratkin

by Ryan Chiavetta in HealthLeaders Magazine

“…hen you take a person out of the constraints of their role as a patient, you restructure and orient the central focus of care back on them and their lives, rather than the disease and its treatment.”

This article on Michael and ResolutionCare was published in the May edition of HealthLeaders Magazine.

501, 2015

ResolutionCare on NPR’s All Things Considered

Dr. Fratkin and his work featured on NPR.
Fratkin is an internist and specialist in palliative medicine. He’s the guy who comes in when the cancer doctors first deliver a serious diagnosis. He manages medications to control symptoms like pain, nausea and breathlessness. And he helps people manage their fears about dying, and make choices about what treatments they’re willing — and not willing — to undergo.

In rural Humboldt County, in the far northern reaches of California, Fratkin is essentially the only doctor in a 120-mile stretch who does what he does.
Read the full transcript on the NPR Blog.

1112, 2014

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