Art is Medicine

Art is Medicine

Like an origami symphony, a community of lives fold and unfold at velocity. The richness rushes past at blinding speed as we navigate, and often struggle, through the bustle and busyness of each day. The high resolution of each moment disappears like the individual frames of a motion picture … unless we stop the action. More often, the action gets stopped for us. Crisis and illness effectively do that.

You Are Here photoAs we care for people whose lives have been abruptly interrupted, we notice that something extraordinary occurs more often than not. The resolution improves … edges sharpen and shadows brighten. Under the illumination of attention captured by hardship, grief, and the interrupted illusion of immortality, the beauty and soul that’s been hiding in plain sight can be revealed. We see this everyday, and it is the central organizing energy of our efforts to be of service.

In addition to crisis and illness, Art can stop us in our tracks and restore our orientation and deep sense of meaning. For those of us like Marylee Bytheriver, Art becomes the path itself. When faced with crisis and illness, she went to the studio, and we are honored to share the vision and voice of this mother, wife, community builder, and Artist.

In Awe….
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  1. Julie Lerwill February 25, 2016 at 8:44 am - Reply

    Wow…. this is powerful… I feel so full of love, life, & inspiration, as tears roll down my face. I worked with Marylee at HoH, but I didn’t know her that well. Through this piece of work, I feel I know more of who she was- amazing, powerful, deeply dedicated, adventurous, wise, and so full of life. This is really such a gift to so many. Thank you, so much.

  2. Kent Wrede June 20, 2017 at 11:16 am - Reply

    How to,,,, with grace and kindness, Marylee shows how to be present and focus as life passes. I have so much to learn still and she is a huge gift of grace and … how to…

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