David’s Dignity

David’s Dignity

We invite you to meet David Daley, one of the people cared for by the team at ResolutionCare. David wanted to make this film as a cautionary tale to young people about using drugs and making choices with serious consequences. This matters to him because he wants to leave a legacy that is part of the great project of making the world a better place. ResolutionCare is privileged to care for David and to be part of sharing his legacy.

David has a history of drug use, a frenetic way of speaking and moving, tells wonderful stories of his life, and enjoys connecting with other people. He has been stigmatized for having AIDS, being a drug user, receiving government assistance, and for his fantastical appearance—often in fuzzy purple fedora. But David does not feel that he is a victim. He does not entertain regret, though he has a few. He feels that his life has been a wonderful adventure.

What could have more dignity than that?

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  1. Linda Pryor April 28, 2016 at 5:18 am - Reply

    Thanks for this. David reminds me so much of my brother Jim, who was diagnosed with paranoid delusions and has been in state group homes since he was a teenager.

  2. Carl Magruder June 10, 2016 at 9:52 am - Reply

    Linda, In my clinical pastoral education I learned an incredible amount about spiritual care from people who had been diagnosed with mental illness. I remember the veteran mental health RN telling my chaplain cohort, “It’s not your job to determine whether a person is delusional or not, but what purpose does their experience serve, and what meaning can be found in it.” It turns out that this is an excellent approach to spiritual care whether there is a mental health diagnosis or not.

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