Dying and Destitute

Dying and Destitute

by Thadeus Greenson for the North Coast Journal

“Craig and Lisa Smith are running out of time. They’re dying. He has congestive heart failure and a cancer eating at his kidney. She has a severe respiratory illness and spends her nights plugged into an oxygen concentrator. But that’s not what they’re talking about today, sitting in the bed where they spend most of their lives these days in a cramped but tidy apartment at 833 H St. in Eureka. …

“Nikki Lang sits on the corner of the bed. She’s a social worker with Resolution Care, the palliative care team set up by Dr. Michael Fratkin a few years back aimed at helping people live out their lives comfortably and on their own terms in the face of serious — often terminal — illness. …

“Reached by phone, Fratkin says Resolution Care has somewhere between 20 and 30 patients for whom housing insecurity is a “dominant issue” in their healthcare, the “red hot fire” that can devour their quality of life and make it nearly impossible to stabilize and even harder to heal. Consequently, finding patients housing has become a big part of what Lang does.”

Read Greenson’s entire article on the situation facing the Smiths and others in our community and the ways these crises in housing intersect with the work of the ResolutionCare team.

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