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What is Palliative Care?

  • Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses
  • Palliative care focuses on providing relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness – whatever the diagnosis
  • Palliative care services help avoid unnecessary testing and hospital visits
  • Palliative care helps you carry on with your daily life, helps you better understand your condition, and helps you receive the best possible quality of life
  • Palliative care works with your doctor to provide an extra layer of support for you and your family

How Does ResolutionCare Work?

  • ResolutionCare sees people in their homes, in person, or via videoconferencing technology
  • Unlike hospice, the palliative care provided by ResolutionCare can be received simultaneously with curative treatment and is offered as an extra layer of support to all other appropriate treatments
  • ResolutionCare uses a community-based team approach to help people focus on living well rather than simply getting from one appointment to the next
  • We help people define for themselves what quality and wellness mean as their lives approach completion
  • We are concerned with the whole person – what matters to them and gives life meaning, value, and beauty

ResolutionCare is a social enterprise responding to exploding demand for severely limited Palliative Care services as people face mortality within a fragmented and transforming health care system.

The quality of care for individuals facing the end of their lives—and their loved ones—is often characterized by unmet needs for even basic symptom control, confusion in the navigation of labyrinthine healthcare delivery systems, and the loss of empowerment and self-determination.

The field of Palliative Care has gotten enormous traction with policy makers and professional organizations over the last 10-15 years by delivering high quality person-centered support for well being, in parallel with disease-targeted medical care.

In the face of shifting incentives, evolving sensibilities, and sheer demographic weight of the aging ‘Baby Boom’ generation, the demand for Palliative Care is growing exponentially while the supply of skilled and inspired professionals lags far behind. The result is unnecessary suffering, and costs, and an enormous opportunity to make a meaningful difference for everyone at the most vulnerable moment imaginable.