Frequently Asked Questions

What is Palliative Care?2020-02-10T09:53:46-08:00

Palliative care is a lot of things.

  •  Foremost, it is an extra layer of support for people with serious illness in addition to disease-directed care.
  •  With a focus on quality of life, a specially trained team of professionals follow your lead to support you and your family in what are often the hardest moments.
  • Palliative care is pain, symptom, and stress management for people who are seriously ill.
  • Palliative care is a team of people added to your medical and care teams.
  • Palliative care can be provided in the hospital or in the home.
  • ResolutionCare is in-home palliative care—thanks to a video-conferencing component.
How can palliative care help?2020-02-10T08:13:49-08:00

Palliative care teams provide expert relief from pain, stress, and other symptoms common to serious illness.

  • Palliative care can be centered from home.
  • Palliative care teams work to provide better alternatives to long waits in emergency departments, redundant testing, and avoidable hospitalizations. 
  • Palliative care helps you carry on with living your life, with a better understanding of your condition and complex choices ahead. 
  • Palliative care helps you succeed with desired treatments and your best possible quality of life for you and your family.
  • Palliative care is solution care.
Does ResolutionCare replace my current doctors?2020-02-10T08:14:57-08:00

Resolution Care does not replace your current doctors.

  • We help your current doctors to help you.
  • We collaborate with primary care providers and specialists to provide additional care coordination and support while you continue to get the most out of your existing treatments.
Is ResolutionCare hospice?2020-02-10T08:32:06-08:00

ResolutionCare is Palliative Care, not hospice care.

  • Hospice is a special form of palliative care that helps people as they complete their lives and wish to let go of disease directed treatments and hospitalization when they are ready for that change.
  • ResolutionCare is palliative care that brings value at any time in the face of serious medical illness.
  • By joining your primary care and specialists, ResolutionCare helps you balance your quality of life with the best possible care for your illness.
  • ResolutionCare does not require a six-month life-limiting diagnosis. 
  • ResolutionCare does not require cessation of curative measures. 
  • ResolutionCare does work with your existing primary care physician.
  • We work with you, your family, and the rest of your caregiving team to eliminate barriers to symptom management, pain management, and stress management.
Will my insurance cover ResolutionCare?2020-08-05T10:12:24-07:00

Select primary health plans offer a palliative care benefit:

  • Blue Shield of California
  • Health Net of California
  • California Health & Wellness (a Medi-Cal managed care program)
  • Partnership HealthPlan of California (a Medi-Cal managed care program)
Am I eligible for palliative care?2021-03-18T13:25:02-07:00

Seriously ill people, with the above insurance, may qualify for palliative care.

  • If you have been diagnosed with the following advanced disease, disorder, or condition, you may be eligible for palliative care.
    • Stage III or IV Cancer,
    • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
    • End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
    • Severe Dementia/Alzheimers
    • or Cerebrovascular Accident/Stroke (Blue Shield insureds only).

If you might be eligible to receive Palliative Care, please take the self assessment to learn more.

How does ResolutionCare work?2020-07-07T11:34:12-07:00

ResolutionCare is a home-based, trans-disciplinary palliative care team. The ResolutionCare team is made up of palliative care doctors, nurses, social workers, community health workers, care coordinators, and chaplains. We provide care to people at home and through simple-to-use telemedicine. 

I don’t live near your locations — can I still receive care?2020-02-03T13:28:51-08:00

Yes. Because we utilize technology to provide care, we are not limited by the patient’s location.

Does telemedicine work?2020-02-03T13:28:36-08:00

Yes. Telemedicine allows you to stay in the comfort of your home while receiving high quality care. Many people whom we care for prefer telemedicine.

What types of services does ResolutionCare provide?2020-02-03T13:30:06-08:00
  • Symptom management including nausea, pain, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.
  • In-home visits (in-person or via videoconference)
  • Spiritual support
  • Social support
  • Care coordination
  • 24/7 on-call telephone support
  • Assistance with advance health care directive and POLST completion


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