An interview with Manuel Santaella by Alexandra Salmon on the 6 Months or Less podcast.

Some people live life in a constant dance with mortality.

Lemon TreeAt 94 years old, Manuel Santaella is just such a fellow. Born nearly a century ago in a sugar cane farm in Venezuela, Manny has encountered near death a dizzying number of times. How he’s navigated those experiences and created an extraordinary life of service is a set of stories that only he can tell.

With the help of journalist, artist, and mother, Alexandra Salmon, Manuel’s voice carries in a brilliant podcast interview that is guaranteed to inspire pondering for each of you. 6 Months or Less is Alexandra’s exploration of the view and vantage point of people leaving life with eyes open as it comes to completion.

Please take a few minutes from the churn and tumble of your busy life to listen to this momentary conversation at the 6 Months or Less podcast.