by Larry Beresford at the Shiley Institute for Palliative Care blog, 5/18/21

Community Health Workers are an invaluable resource in helping ResolutionCare Network provide quality care to the people who need it most. Before COVID, “They were the agency’s feet on the ground, its eyes and ears in the field,” as Dr. Fratkin told Larry Beresford of the Shiley Institute for Palliative Care blog.

Read Beresford’s recent article, “Community Health Workers Offer Access to Underserved Groups,” to learn more about the key role CHWs can play in bridging the gap between those providing care and those who need it, especially in historically underserved communities.

“Some people have an amazing talent for this work, Fratkin said. Is that emotional intelligence? ‘I think it’s more than that. People with these gifts have been taking care of the dying in their communities since time immemorial.’ 

ResolutionCare Network is glad to have the opportunity to give voice to these folks who make up a foundational part of our model and the heartbeat of our team.