We invite you to meet David Daley, one of the people cared for by the team at ResolutionCare. David wanted to make this film as a cautionary tale to young people about using drugs and making choices with serious consequences. This matters to him because he wants to leave a legacy that is part of the great project of making the world a better place. ResolutionCare is privileged to care for David and to be part of sharing his legacy.

David has a history of drug use, a frenetic way of speaking and moving, tells wonderful stories of his life, and enjoys connecting with other people. He has been stigmatized for having AIDS, being a drug user, receiving government assistance, and for his fantastical appearance—often in fuzzy purple fedora. But David does not feel that he is a victim. He does not entertain regret, though he has a few. He feels that his life has been a wonderful adventure.

What could have more dignity than that?