by Anne Kinderman, MD, and Kathleen Kerr, BA, at Palliative in Practice, A CAPC blog discussing pertinent issues across the full spectrum of palliative care, 4/23/18

“Understanding how the needs of the Medicaid population are distinct, and developing policy and care delivery strategies that address those needs, is critical to ensuring that all individuals have access to the right care, in the right setting, at the right time. In California, providers, payers, and policy leaders have adopted strategies for doing just that. …

“By tracking the needs of such patients and the possible/preferred methods of meeting those needs, the ResolutionCare team has been able to better negotiate with payers on contract terms they can meet, including incorporating supports (like extra social worker effort) that are needed to achieve optimal outcomes in this complex population.”

To learn more about the challenges of providing palliative care to Medicaid patients and the innovative approaches being used to face those challenges in California, read the entire article at Palliative in Practice.