I have always held that the work we do in support of people completing their lives is fundamentally non-medical. The irony is that it’s only this last 50-100 years in the West that such an idea is in any way provocative. A movement is emerging from outside the “normal” healthcare system that has been inspired by the traditional work of Doulas supporting and tending to birthing mothers and families. This rising interest in End-of-Life Doula training is inspiring to me. I am giving energy to building bridges between the medically-centered healthcare system and the people-centered End-of-Life Doula movement.

I Love Being a Doula!

As a presenter, I am excited to be a part of this inaugural event in New York City on September 27th-30th, hosted by Professional Doula International—a collaboration between Patty Burgess of Teaching Transitions/Doing Death Differently, Deanna Cochran, RN, of Quality of Life Care, and Suzanne O’Brien, RN, of Doulagivers.

NPEC training poster

This is an event especially for palliative care, comfort care, senior care and end-of-life doulas (or those who want to be!) to learn how to work within healthcare organizations who are beginning to embrace the utilization of doulas in their agencies. This weekend event will offer the NPEC Certification (National Professional End-of-Life Doula Certification) which is a specific healthcare focus, AND it offers nursing CEs. The time has come for palliative and EOL doulas to take their rightful place alongside and supporting mainstream healthcare.

Photo with NHPCO President Edo Banach
Take a look at the speaker line-up … some of the best and brightest in the industry will be there. To learn more about this epic event, please take a look below and/or sign up if you can

join us—I hope you do!!


In community….

This is a packed learning weekend, with much in store!