The Next Avenue story featured in Forbes.

“Although other Medicaid programs may pay for components of palliative care — such as advance care planning — ‘California is truly leading in this regard,’ says Stacie Sinclair, senior policy manager for the Center to Advance Palliative Care, a national organization.

… The ResolutionCare palliative care team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, care coordinators, a spiritual counselor and community health workers. ‘We combine telehealth-based videoconferencing with knock-on-the-door, eat-the-cookies house calls,’ says Fratkin.

… ‘They’re just fantastic people,’ says George Johnson, 60, who lives by himself in Eureka, Calif. and has a number of serious medical conditions. ResolutionCare social worker Nikki Lang helped him find housing. The team makes monthly house calls and visited Johnson during a hospital stay. ‘They sit and listen. They’re really interested in my life,’ says Johnson. ‘I wouldn’t mind working for them, if I was in better shape. You can’t beat them.’ ”

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