An interview by Saul Marquez of the Outcomes Rocket podcast

“Resolution care is simply of a manifestation of that kind of thinking. That kind of thinking integrated into a complicated crazy healthcare system … taking advantage of the economics of incenting outcomes that we wish to get to rather than the fee-for-service structure which has constrained our ability to grow and better manage the well-being of our society mates. So, by leveraging value-based payment and structuring our relationship to health plans, not in an antagonistic fashion but actually in alignment around that quadruple aim–well, now we’re paddling in the same direction and we’re able to do what makes sense for the very individual people that we are caring for as things go forward. It’s not about algorithms. It’s not about protocols. It’s about being responsive and letting the people we care for define what success looks like for now. And then it turns out their quality goes up, their satisfaction goes up, and lo and behold we give them an alternative to the emergency room in a hospital. And their costs go down. Everybody’s happy and it ain’t rocket science.”

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