Interview with Eric Widera and Alex Smith at GeriPal: A Geriatrics and Palliative Care Blog, 4/25/17

“Alex: What are the main services you provide? If you had to summarize, we see mostly this kind of patient, and these are the main issues that come up that we address.

Michael: I’m just going to say, for all of our listeners, and for you guys, the main ingredient of palliative care is love and respect. That’s what we provide, and we do that wearing our nurse hat, doctor hat, social worker hat, community health worker hat, etc. That looks like palliative care anywhere. Where we try to be very nimble and expert at the management of symptoms. Where we work on all the pesky social determinants like food, housing, that sort of thing with our social workers. We are, I hope, really good at communication and advanced care planning. We help our colleagues in oncology and other specialties with difficult transitions of care. We facilitate appropriate transitions to hospice as soon as that’s the right next step for people.”

Listen to the full interview here or at GeriPal.