by Holly Vessel in Hospice News, April 19, 2021

Our telehealth model is gaining national attention. ResolutionCare Network has been pioneering technology-enabled home palliative care delivery for rural Northern California for more than six years. As the COVID-19 Pandemic has swept over the world, we continue to share our knowledge to help this part of the healthcare system, palliative care and hospice, to use this technology effectively and soulfully.

In Holly Vessel’s recent article in Hospice News, “Telehealth Promises Greatest ROI on Hospice Technology Investment,” ResolutionCare Network’s “B” Brian Mistler, PhD lends our voice to the world of palliative care and hospice:

“Telehealth is quietly revolutionizing hospice and palliative care. Strategic partnerships are key to helping more people across the entire lifespan, and technology is a must for everyone. The future belongs to leaders who can effectively bring technology and quality service together to create cost savings,” said Brian Mistler, president of ResolutionCare Network, a telepalliative care public benefit corporation. “Telehealth is all about choice and efficiency.”

Read the entire article to hear more about the benefits of telehealth and ResolutionCare’s person-centered approach.