by Michael Fratkin at MedCityNews.

“As a palliative care physician, I’m not really a technology guy. My choices in gizmos reflect this…the intuitive Apple computer, Zoom videoconferencing, athenahealth’s EMR, etc… My view of “meaningful use” is very different than that of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“While they define ‘meaningful’ with a carrot and a stick, I tend to define it in relational terms.

“As somebody who has worked with thousands of patients approaching the end of their lives, I have come to realize that in all of human history, people have never suffered in the approach to dying as they do today. Even without the incredible technology, advanced medicines, and the defined roles for healers that we have today, our predecessors had what people have always needed the most…the presence, intimate connection and care of those who loved them most.”

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