by Larry Beresford at, Winter 2020

“For Michael Fratkin, MD FAAHPM, founder, CEO, and physician for Resolution Care Network … technology and economics favoring the wider adoption of telemedicine have become so well aligned in the past 12 months, especially during the height of the pandemic, that the evolution has felt inevitable.”

In this recent feature article for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, “The Role of Telemedicine in the Future of Hospice and Palliative Medicine,” Larry Beresford offers an overview of the expansion of telemedicine in palliative care due to the Covid-19 pandemic and explores how this shift may play out after Covid.

The article features ReslolutionCare’s Dr. Michael Fratkin as a pioneer in the application of telemedicine for palliative care patients. 

“My vision for telemedicine after the pandemic is that palliative care will be better understood, better integrated, and something that people with serious illness will come to expect. This is what our service has been working toward for the past 5 years. Our vision is to provide this kind of compassionate care for everyone who needs it, regardless of where they live, efficiently and safely.”

Read the entire article at AAHPM to learn more.