by Renata Khoshroo Louwers at SCOPE, 10/12/18Screenshot from the talk

“In a 55-second video that is both playful and profound, patient advocates Liz Salmi and Charlie Blotnerasked Michael Fratkin, MD, a palliative care doctor they know through their advocacy work, to have ‘the talk’ with them.

“ ‘We need to have the talk with you about end of life and brain tumors and steroids and swelling, especially related to other cancers and if this looks the same or not,’ Blotner says at the beginning of the video, filmed while they were in the car.”

Read Louwers’ article about the talk Dr. Fratkin had with Salmi and Blotner and about their advocacy for brain cancer patients at SCOPE, published by Stanford Medicine.

See Salmi and Blotner’s video request for “the talk” here.