By Thadeus Greenson in the North Coast Journal, 1/17/19

“Here’s how Fratkin describes his approach to new patients: ‘I let them know who I am and explore who they are. I help them understand the totality of their circumstances. I identify with them what’s most important to them, what matters to them given all the things that can’t be changed or can’t be known about their future course. Then, I roll up my sleeves and let them tell me what my job is.’  …

“Having been a part of ResolutionCare for a couple of years now, [nurse Lauri] Rose says it’s clear to her this is a model to follow, not just in palliative care. After all, if this can be done for the seriously ill and dying, why shouldn’t it be done for pregnant mothers, children and families?

” ‘This is just good medicine,’ she says, referencing medical care that wraps around people, seamlessly integrating their care with the rest of their lives. ‘This is what everyone wants.’ “

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