… a mystic

Interview with Jose “‘Tisart” Vilamil

… a silver lining

Interview with Jitka Prokesova

… a smith

Interview with Dick Kersh

David’s Dignity

Interview with David Daley


Interview with Lisa Bowes

Art Is Medicine

Interview with Marylee Bytheriver

The Spirit Tree

A ritual of remembrance.

Betty & Ray

Life, Death and Palliative Care

Dr. Michael Fratkin on the Singularity Weblog

Dr. Michael Fratkin on the PBS Newshour

Telemedicine connects rural patients nearing the end of life.

Interview with Zubin Damania

Dr. Michael Fratkin interviews ZDoggMD for Pallimed.org.

The Art of Living and Dying

A Workshop with Dr. Michael Fratkin

Catch and Release – Finding Life in Death

Dr. Michael Fratkin at TEDxEureka

A Personal Life, A Personal Death

Dr. Michael Fratkin speaking at the Unitarian Church in Arcata, California

Crowd-funding Campaign Video


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