We are an inspired team of palliative care professionals who understand that people are more than their bodies, more than their diseases, and more than merely “patients.”

Independent Rural Palliative Care

ResolutionCare is a Palliative Care Team, bringing the best possible control of pain and other symptoms as well as skills, experience, and wisdom to support people in making the best possible choices for themselves on their own terms.

Restoring tradition, the ResolutionCare Team returns the center of care and support to the home by seeing patients only with house calls and virtual house calls.

ResolutionCare is simply an independent rural palliative care team.

ResolutionCare PC

ResolutionCare is a tandem social enterprise consisting of a community-based, home-centered clinical practice structured as ResolutionCare PC and a distinct educational nonprofit entity, ResolutionCare Institute, a 501(c) 3 organization. Both share the same mission: “Bringing capable and compassionate care to everyone everywhere in the face of serious illness.”

ResolutionCare PC extends access to specialty palliative care clinical services to people with serious illness in their homes through the innovative use of telemedicine technology, a nimble interdisciplinary team, and value-based payment models.

ResolutionCare Institute

ResolutionCare Institute uses the same videoconferencing technology and interdisciplinary team (through a rigorously defined Resource Sharing Agreement), and, empowered by our licensed affiliation with the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO model, our goal is to powerfully enhance the basic palliative care skill set of a diversity of healthcare providers in a diversity of practice settings where people with serious illness receive care, like Medical Oncology practices and Cancer Care programs.

Catch and Release – Finding Life in Death | Dr. Michael Fratkin at TEDxEureka


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“My mother-in-law, Marie, was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) this past summer and died within 3 months of her diagnosis. … Dr. Fratkin was able to work with her by videoconferencing in spite of the great distance involved. It was amazing how quickly and easily he connected with Marie and her husband Bill at a human level. AML is a deadly disease, especially in the elderly. With Dr. Fratkin’s help, our family was able to help make the most of this painfully short time.”
John Kelsey, Son-in-law, Emergency Medicine Physician
“The diagnosis of cancer changed Crystal’s life in an instant and turned her into a fighting machine, focused only on fighting until her body would not fight anymore. After exhausting months of different hospitals, doctors and treatments a new specialist was introduced, Dr. Michael Fratkin, a palliative care specialist. Crystal’s life was changed again to a new focus-her fears answered, time to enjoy her days and those closest to her … Palliative care helped Crystal find her way. It made such a difference for her and her family-we all wished she could have started it much sooner. … Palliative care helped us through this difficult journey as a family and made a terrible situation for us the best we could have hoped for. Forever grateful.”
Patty Harris, Mother of Crystal Daignault, who died in her 30’s of cancer
“Facing one’s own mortality is one of the greater challenges in life and asking a parent to face theirs is one of the more painful. … Dr. Fratkin, acting as my father’s Palliative Care doctor, did a masterful job of helping my father come to the realization that he was nearing the end of his life and that he would be best served by accepting Hospice care rather than attempting extreme medical procedures that would only keep him in the hospital for his final months, weeks and days. I’m very appreciative of the role that Dr. Fratkin played in leading my father down the path to what was in the end, a very peaceful death.”
Richard Salzman, Son, Artist’s Representative
“A compassionate doctor or nurse giving you his or her complete attention, listening and advising you through computer or mobile device while you are comfortably at home can be better than an in person meeting with that same provider in a clinic or hospital where distractions and time pressures weigh on you both. … It is amazing what a difference it can make to patients to feel that they have been heard and their unmet needs acknowledged.”
Terri Mason, Mother, Writer, Living with cancer
“When my father passed away, Dr. Fratkin helped guide my family through the experience. His presence and wisdom was invaluable during those difficult days. He and his team are fighting the good fight against the healthcare bureaucracy when it comes to mindful palliative care.”
Matt Ruby, Son, Brother, Professional Comedian
“Palliative care is incredible because it treats our whole being, not simply our disease. It offers a more holistic and thus honest approach to caring for people.”
Gabrielle Zeitlin, Daughter, Musician
“Dr. Fratkin is a truly amazing physician and I am ever grateful for his passion of profession. “
Robyn Flynn, Student, Granddaughter


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